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Flash and emergency payday loans from the internet are instant payday loans. The only difference is in the transfer. This transfer form guarantees the credit of the money within a booking day. A noticeable effect arises only for bank customers, in which the bank works particularly long with the customer money. Who is with his account with the savings bank, which has practically no advantages. The savings banks actually book incoming payments on the day the credit is received.

In comparison, the big German private banks work up to three days with the money. Advertisers are also offers that promise to apply for and be available within 24 hours. It is technically impossible to have a payday loan within 24 hours only over the internet.

Payday loan from the bank

Only with branch banks, the payday loan for pensioners can be applied for and paid within one day. The reason is not slow online providers, but a legal requirement. Every lending by a credit institution must be preceded by an identity check. The check can be carried out by the clerk in the credit conversation. Online banks, however, are not sitting opposite their credit customers. You therefore can not fulfill the legal requirement personally.

Online banks, without their own branch network, rely on the ID check of another approved body. It’s the ID check at the post office. After verification, the application must be sent by post. The postal service is the bottleneck of online credit. Up to three days can be lost by mail. Only after the inbox has the online provider again influence on the processing speed.

Payday loans without the bank

Payday loans without the bank

Private payday loans are sometimes offered in advertising as a payday loan for pensioners, retirees or trainees. These offers are also a promotional duck. The payday loan from private can only come from the circle of acquaintances. Until the disbursement of a personal payday loan, over the Internet, pass at least two weeks or more.

Real payday loans exist, outside the banking system, from the pawnshop. The pawnbroker pays the payday loan for pensioners and every other citizen within a few minutes.

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Small payday loans for the unemployed Fri, 05 Apr 2019 10:19:52 +0000

Small payday loans for the unemployed are usually only possible through banks.

Small payday loans for the unemployed are usually only possible through banks.

If the unemployed person can contribute additional collateral to the bank in the credit agreement. These collateral can be complex, but often they are not even within reach for the unemployed or have already been charged by the Office. To name for example is a private paid car, which of course in its resale value should cover the payday loan amount (at least reasonably), so that it can be brought in at all as attachable object.

Even a property can be presented to the bank, with the property ownership under recipients is rather rare, which is why this security for most unemployed out of reach. Another possibility is the use of a guarantee, which increases the creditworthiness of the borrower enormously by the liability by the own income and fortune, without it would have disadvantages by the guarantor. On the contrary, because a guarantee brings benefits for the unemployed and for the lender alike.

Due to the additional liability of a second person, small payday loans for the unemployed can also be given to persons without a regular income. On the other hand, the disadvantages for a guarantor are of course enormous, since this ultimately has no share in the sum paid out, but must be holistically liable for this sum. a risk that only a few people want to take.

Small payday loans for the unemployed can also be taken on the private way.

Small payday loans for the unemployed can also be taken on the private way.

Which actually pays off especially with a preloaded remark entry. If the path is chosen in the circle of friends and relatives, borrowers can usually look forward to very favorable terms, which means in plain language: there are no interest and the repayments can be made very variable. Of course, this possibility presupposes that small payday loans for the unemployed can actually be financed by private individuals (friends, family).

For this they must have either a regular income or savings, which is not necessarily the case in many families and groups of friends. Another possibility is the use of a credit intermediary portal for private payday loans. On these portals, private lenders are brought together with private borrowers to arrange payday loans among themselves. Of course, the lenders do not distribute payday loans out of kindness, but in order to achieve a not insignificant return.

For example, small payday loans for the unemployed in these portals have a relatively high interest rate, which is often in the range of 12 to 18 percent. Thus, the interest burden is similar to that of an expensive credit line, these private payday loans for the unemployed are often the only way to borrow.

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A Payday Loan for a Quick Investment Wed, 03 Apr 2019 14:43:25 +0000


 You have the opportunity to invest money and earn a lot? But you do not have enough savings? In this case, an idea to finance the investment through a cash loan may appear. Check if you take out a loan for this purpose will be a good idea.

The ideal investment should first of all allow us to make attractive profits, but at the same time it should not be very risky. If there is an opportunity to take advantage of such an investment, it is worth to look at it more closely. Let us pay special attention to her safety in order to be sure that the money invested will not be lost.

We can currently invest in various ways. We can buy shares to play on the stock exchange, we can also buy bonds or gold. Also, a popular form of investment is the purchase of real estate, for example, land for later resale or a flat for rent. Alternative investments enjoy growing interest, including purchases of liquors such as wine or whiskey, collectors’ items and works of art.

How to finance the investment?

How to finance the investment?

Ideally, we have our own savings that we will be able to invest. All you need is a surplus of around 1,000 zlotys to start multiplying money. Remember, however, not to spend all your money on one goal. It’s worth diversifying your investments, because then we are able to reduce the risk of losing money if one of them does not turn out to be profitable.

But what if we do not have adequate funds for investing, we can think about a loan. However, we should use this option only if we know that the installment loan will be cheaper than any profits. In other words, our loan should not cost us more than profits, because then we simply lose instead of making money.

How to calculate whether the loan for investment is profitable?

Pożyczka na szybką inwestycję

It is difficult to clearly indicate whether an investment for a loan will be profitable. A lot depends on the risk and potential profits of a given form of investment. Let’s remember that investments have it to themselves that they usually do not give guaranteed profits, that’s why we can lose the money invested in them.

First of all, we should calculate the cost of the loan. In our company you can do it directly on our main page – there is a special loan calculator on it. After entering the required amount and the repayment period, we can immediately see how much we will have to give back. We should compare this sum with potential investment returns. Of course, it is best that the investment is not very risky so that we do not lose our money.

In summary, taking a cash loan for a quick investment should always be preceded by an analysis of whether the loan will indeed be profitable as a form of financing in this situation. However, always the most cost-effective solution is to invest with previously deposited funds.

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How to Borrow Money Online Non-bank Loan Companies Mon, 01 Apr 2019 06:37:29 +0000

 How to borrow money online in a loan company, i.e. one that grants online cash loans. A loan or a cash loan? If we mean the obligation in a loan company, it is only a cash loan. You will receive the loan only from the bank.

If you do not want to go for stationary loan companies because you do not have time or you do not want to meet friends, then you should choose an online cash loan from a reliable loan company. A reliable loan company is a trustworthy company that acts transparently and observes the law.

How to borrow in a fixed loan company

How to borrow in a fixed loan company

First of all, such a company should be found, check the costs of the loan and compare with other loan companies. After comparing the loans, we go to the institution, where it is necessary to submit the relevant documents, answer many questions, and often also the company requires a fee to process the application. And only then we get money.


  • cash in hand,


  • a big waste of time if we want to compare several loans,
  • it will not necessarily be the cheapest loan,
  • rarely which fixed-line loan company grants promotional loans to a new client (PLN 0 for costs),
  • short repayment period.

How to borrow money online in an online loan company

How to borrow money online in an online loan company

How to borrow on the Internet in a loan company? Just like in a fixed loan company, but… it’s easier and faster. Is it better to borrow over the internet or in a fixed-line company, it depends on our preferences. If we care about the time and costs that we will pay for the loan, then we should choose an internet company. Loan companies have been operating on the Polish market for many years and there is a large selection of reliable and trustworthy loan companies. The shortened and simplified lending process works for the benefit of both consumers and loan companies. How to take such a cash loan over the internet? Above all, we should use:

Loan companies’ search engines

Loan companies

It is necessary to determine what loan we are looking for, whether it is a short-term loan of the so-called a minute to 60 days or a cash loan in installments. The website contains two search engines:



Choosing for a break, we usually borrow a small amount up to PLN 2,000 with a loan period of 30-60 days. In the case of installment loans, a cash loan can be taken in the range of PLN 1000 – PLN 15 000, with a loan term of up to 48 months. In both cases, the amount of the loan depends on the assessment of our ability to repay the loan by the loan company. Then all you need to do is determine the amount of the loan and the period for which you want to borrow money and we will get a list of available loan companies. A large part of them is associated in ZFP (Association of Loan Companies). On the website of the selected entity, we will check all relevant information about the loan.

Remember! To choose a cheap cash loan, at least a few offers from loan companies should be compared!

Remember! To choose a cheap cash loan, at least a few offers from loan companies should be compared!

From the formal side, a cash loan via the Internet is no different from a cash loan at a fixed-line company. Conditions for borrowing and repayment must be specified, we must provide personal data that is verified. The loan company assesses our creditworthiness and we receive a written contract by e-mail or traditional post. If we want to use such a loan, then of course internet access is necessary. A mobile phone and a bank account are also required. A loan is transferred to a bank account, and at the same time a verification transfer is sent from it (to confirm personal data).

How to borrow money online

How to borrow money online

Not only when borrowing money online, we should follow basic security rules, but whenever we use the network. When registering with an online loan company, we should carry it out on your own computer at home, which is accessible to trusted people. The computer should of course be protected by an antivirus program, and the internet portal through which we apply for a loan MUST be with an encrypted connection ( https: //, green padlock visible on the left side of the address bar, name of the entity ).

Advantages of cash loans via the Internet

  • employee assistance, with whom we can consult by phone, e-mail or chat,
  • we take out a loan online, without leaving home,
  • 24 hours a day, i.e. a request for a cash loan, we can send at any time of the day or night,
  • we can check the terms of the loan carefully, read the framework agreement, check the loan regulations,
  • cash loan online is a big time saving: we do not waste time on visiting branches, the decision to grant a loan is taken very quickly,
  • fewer documents than in stationary companies,
  • formalities are kept to a minimum,
  • to grant a loan, it is often enough to just scan the ID card and verify the data via a transfer,
  • a possible check of credit history at Retrodatabase is entirely on the lender’s side.
  • the possibility of finding a non-bank promotional loan, ie a short-term loan for PLN 0 (without incurring costs).
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Payday Loans: the complete guide Tue, 26 Mar 2019 09:56:10 +0000




In detail, the payday loan offers an amount up to € 100,000 to carry out an important personal or family project; this sum can be repaid in a maximum of 12 months, with fixed and personalized fixed rate installments, agreed on the basis of the effective repayment capacity of the debtor.
The same type of payday loan is also available at a variable rate , in order to take advantage of any positive market trends for its own benefit. Thanks to this option, the installment may decrease based on the trend of the reference rate but, attention, could also increase with the rise of the reference parameter. It is therefore indicated to those who can cope with a possible increase in the installment.
A good compromise between the tranquility of the fixed rate and the advantages of the variable rate consists of payday loan providers Variable Rate payday loan, which provides for a variable interest rate, but which in any case can not exceed the maximum ceiling set in the contract .

Payday loans for employees, all the features

Among the payday loans there are two financial products designed for employees. The first is designed for employees of private companies of any size. Among the characteristics of this payday loan for employees there are an amount up to 100,000 euros, a maximum duration of 120 months and the advantages of the fixed rate. The installment, in addition to being studied according to the possibilities of the applicant, can be postponed or suspended in case of difficulty.
The payday loan for Public Employees offers the same characteristics, but with some solutions specifically designed for employees and public pensioners.

Payday loans for students, three different solutions

payday loan providers offers three types of payday loans for young students :

  • payday loan providers Scuola Più payday loan : it is dedicated to the financing of all expenses related to the school world, from training courses to the purchase of multimedia tools. The amount disbursed ranges from 500 to 3,000 euros, to be repaid in a maximum of 12 months
  • payday loans Futuriamo : this is a fixed-rate payday loan, with a maximum amount of 20,000 euros to be repaid over a period of time that can reach 120 months. You can finance courses of university studies or masters. In this case, students must present guarantees deemed appropriate by the bank.
  • payday loan Discount and payday loan : the maximum sum that can be obtained is 20,000 euros, while the payday loan lasts 120 months. Its particularity is a “rewarding” fixed rate, which can vary according to the applicant’s university average.

Payday loan for energy efficiency, for a green home

Thanks to the payday loan providers  Families Funding can be provided up to 100,000 euros, financing 100% of the expenses related to the energy efficiency of the home, also benefiting from existing tax breaks. Among the interventions financed there are, for example, the installation of new boilers or solar panels and the replacement of the fixtures; to facilitate the project, the bank itself provides a free energy check-up to quantify the possible economic benefits of energy improvement.

Payday loan for sport, features

Payday loan for sport, features

payday loan providers also meets the needs of sportsmen with the payday loan providers Sport payday loan , which gives the opportunity to buy sports equipment, to enroll in the gym, to participate in a sports course and, in general, to cover all expenses, sometimes even important, related to the practice of a sport. The amount disbursed ranges from 500 to 3,000 euros, to be repaid in up to 12 months with a fixed promotional rate and a custom rate calculated on the basis of the financial possibilities of the applicant; there are also no preliminary investigation costs.
The payday loan dedicated to sports enthusiasts proposed by payday loan providers is the result of a collaboration between the credit institution and was created to facilitate the dissemination and practice of sport in Italy.

Payday loans for the social sector, how the payday loan works

Payday loans for the social sector, how the payday loan works

payday loan providers’s social payday loan , or the loan providers payday loan, has been designed and developed in collaboration with the association – and is intended to help aspiring parents to bear the costs of international adoption practices. It is a concrete help and really very important for all those who have undertaken this path, simple to request thanks to the fact that it is sufficient to present an identity document, an income document and the attestation of suitab  ility. The sum disbursed can be repaid in a maximum of 120 months with a flexible rate, a flexible repayment plan and an investigation that does not involve expenses. In addition, a special insurance policy protects the applicants in case of illness or unforeseen events, paying the installments for them.

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Car loan despite negative remark Sat, 09 Mar 2019 10:59:41 +0000

These are things that nobody really wants to hear and read, because you always believe in what is good in people: non-schiff loans are usually not serious. How can that be? But is the searcher promised exactly that?

Bad placement rate – good business

More and more people have noted in the remark a negative entry. If you want to take out a loan, you will feel this very clearly, as the banks reject this application in the rule. But not always you can be satisfied with such a rejection. Because sometimes it is very important to get a loan to invest in a particular thing. Like in a car. However, a car loan is not so easy to get despite remark. If you try to get hold of a car loan with remark using an intermediary, you usually pay heavily.

Only 1% of these applications are granted. And with very high interest rates. All other contracts are rejected. But the consumer has to dig deep into his pocket. Because the brokers require a commission, which is generally due. In addition, insurances are offered in this context, which in the end no one needs but from whose contracts it is very difficult to come out again. So what to do if a car loan is sought despite remark?

To ask for help

To ask for help

With a bad credit rating, you will not get a loan. Everyone understood that. If you still want to take out a car loan, you have to ask for help. This would be possible with the own family. If you find a second borrower here or a very good guarantor, this will make the banks milder and more gracious.

They will then re-examine the application to see if it can be approved by the extra security. A guarantor or additional borrower is always a sign in the right direction for banks. These can be used if payment defaults are imminent. For with his signature under the loan agreement, he undertakes to be prosecuted in precisely such a case. He is liable with his assets.

If you take out a car loan under these conditions, this will certainly be granted. Because the bank has not only the safety of the second person, but also the car, whose vehicle registration remains as long as the bank as a pledge until the loan was repaid in full.

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Unemployment payday loan without guarantor Wed, 27 Feb 2019 11:07:08 +0000


Unemployment payday loan is a popular name for a payday loan to an unemployed borrower. Defined as unemployment is the absence of paid employment of more than fifteen hours per week, provided that the person concerned registers with the employment office as seeking employment and is in principle capable of starting work.

The remark collects data on the creditworthiness of consumers as a credit protection association. A guarantor is liable for the repayment of a payday loan as soon as the actual borrower is unable to do so. With a few exceptions, payday loans are connected with a remark statement and a registration of the borrowing in the remark documents. Without remark is a payday loan, if the lender does not catch up with remark information nor announce the lending. A guarantor facilitates borrowing if the borrower has a low income.

How can unemployed people take out a debt-free payday loan without a guarantor?

How can unemployed people take out a debt-free payday loan without a guarantor?

The widespread borrowing without remark via Swiss financial institutions is not available to the unemployed, as the Swiss banks require a significantly higher minimum income for the payday loan approval than financial institutions and also a fixed employment relationship. The easiest way to apply for an unemployment payday loan without guarantor and without remark by shopping in the mail order and choose as a payment option, the installment.

The prerequisite is, however, that an orderer is registered with the mail order company as an existing customer, because prior to the first delivery on account, the collection of a remark information is common. The notification of an agreed installment payment to the remark is almost always omitted. Furthermore, the pawnbroking offers itself as an unemployed payday loan without guarantor and without remark, since the deposit to be deposited serves as sole collateral.

The payday loan of a life insurance or a pension insurance is basically possible as an unemployment payday loan without guarantor and without remark, as the borrower leases his own claims to the insurance company. However, state-subsidized insurance contracts such as the Riester pension are excluded, as their lending leads to a subsequent loss of subsidies.

When does the office help?

The provider offers the simplest unemployment payday loan without guarantor and without remark. Prerequisite for the payday loan approval by the Office is that the unemployed person needs the money for urgently needed purchases. The unemployed recipient does not have to pay any interest on the payday loan, the repayment will be made in small installments with the next payouts of the unemployment benefit II. Anyone receiving unemployment benefit I without an increase through Hartz IV will receive a payday loan for the purchase of household appliances only in exceptional cases.

For every unemployed person it is possible to borrow from the Employment Agency if the money is needed to start a new job. In this case, the necessary relocation applies as well as the necessary purchase of a used car, provided the workplace can not be reached by public transport at the scheduled working hours.

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Car loan despite probationary period Mon, 25 Feb 2019 11:11:48 +0000


The journeyman’s exam is done. The interview was successful, now life can begin. The joy of the dream job received only clouds the long trial period. If you finally get your own car, the first thing you can do is not enough. To get a car, you have to get credit.

In the probationary period a loan?

In the probationary period a loan?


As a rule, the first way leads to the bank. Here one is often a customer for years and has next to his checking account maybe even a savings. So a consultation is agreed. The first salary certificates are available, but when it comes to getting a car loan despite the probationary period, then the banks often wave the bill. The reason is often in the probationary period. Only after a firm attitude, the bank has a certainty that the requested loan can be served on time.

Of course, it is possible to offer the bank a guarantor for this loan.

Unfortunately, the banks then often grant the requested loan too much interest and justify this with the increased default risk. Who wants to get a car loan despite a probationary period on relatively favorable terms, the better turns to a car bank.

The bank is usually a state-owned or private company that generates profits, inter alia, by lending money over interest. With a pure bank this profit striving over the interest does not come first. The pure bank is a bank, which has devoted itself without exception to the financing of vehicles. This institution was created by leading vehicle brands to boost sales.

Of course, the bank wants to get the money back and also requires a security deposit. But unlike a bank, which demands collateral in the form of savings or life insurance in addition to a permanent appointment, the bank retains the vehicle registration of the vehicle until the loan is repaid.

For the bank is therefore always a recoverable assets available even in the event of default of the loan customer by pledging the car letter. The question of whether a car loan can be granted despite the trial period is thus not for the bank. Furthermore, auto banks often offer interest rates for new car purchases, which are not available when financing via the bank.

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Guarantee payday loan for the youth, the conditions Mon, 04 Feb 2019 11:12:58 +0000

The Youth Guarantee payday loan are aimed at all young people up to the age of 29 who are registered for Youth Guarantee who do not have a job, are not employed in study or training courses and who intend to initiate self-employment and self-employment initiatives through credit subsidized, without interest and without bank guarantees.

The initial endowment of the Fund is 124 million euros, the amounts that can be financed as said range from a minimum of 5 thousand euros to a maximum of 50 thousand euros, and the peculiar characteristics of the loan are:

  • Interest rate zero
  • No personal guarantees
  • Amortization schedule up to 7 years

The loan is therefore not fundable , but it offers an advantageous coverage of 100 percent of the expenses incurred to start up its business, without having to provide personal guarantees or guarantees, or even to resort to the banking system, as the Fund is promoted directly by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, with management entrusted to Invitalia.

How to submit the application

How to submit the application

The application for access to finance must be submitted exclusively online on platform by registering with its email address, and once the data is obtained by entering the reserved area to fill in the application directly, with the necessary documents and the business plan to be uploaded. attached. Finally, to complete the submission of applications, it is necessary to have a digital signature and Pec , or certified e-mail. After the formal verification to verify the possession of the requisites, there is a merit assessment that also concerns the technical and managerial skills of the aspiring beneficiaries, and the economic-financial sustainability of the project. There are no deadlines or rankings for the presentation of projects, which are financed until the funds are depleted: the outcome of the assessment is communicated within 60 days from the submission of the application.

New zero-interest companies

The issue of youth is so high on the mind of the government that, in addition to the Youth Guarantee Funding to encourage self-employment and self-entrepreneurship through the dedicated national program, Invitalia has also launched a further announcement dedicated to women and young men under 35 years that intend to start a new business activity, favoring their entry into the credit market by receiving a zero-interest loan: this project is called New zero-interest companies, and provides that the applications to obtain the loan can be presented since the beginning of 2016. Since the funds available for this and for the Youth Guarantee project are revolving and constantly replenished by the repayments of the payday loan granted, it is not excluded that from now until 2020, the year for which the end of the programming was scheduled of the funds, the audience of the beneficiaries can be enlarged going beyond up to 29 years i of age.

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Car loan despite training Sun, 03 Feb 2019 11:30:22 +0000

The car is the favorite toy of the Germans. But it is much more. It is a means of transportation and sometimes essential when the workplace has to be reached. Now it’s not just people who are beyond education. No, trainees also have to be mobile and flexible if they want to take their training seriously. Sometimes this mobility is only possible through a car loan despite training. But how do the banks see that?

Loans for students and apprentices

Many banks now offer small loans for apprentices and students. This clientele is becoming increasingly important for banks, so that they have prepared appropriate offers here. Most of the credits are designed to go hand in hand with low interest rates and low interest rates. The loan amount is usually under 10,000 euros and can be used for training or study. Sometimes you can also find offers that need to be repaid after graduation. However, special conditions must be met for this. A car loan despite training can also be possible in this way. You just have to be able to show the bank exactly why the car is needed.

Parental support can be helpful

Parental support can be helpful

Since the training allowance is usually not high enough to give the bank sufficient security, the parents are usually used as guarantors for the loan. A completely normal process, as the parents usually have a correspondingly high income and are ideally suited as a guarantor in direct relationship to their children.

It often happens that the loan is granted only as long as the training is running. Because during this time you have a fixed employment contract, which can only be terminated if serious errors or unbridgeable differences occur. This fact puts the employment contract on the same level as a permanent employment contract. For banks this is sufficient as security.

At best, one turns for a car loan despite training to the house bank, which also leads the current account. If the parents also have an account there, that can not be a disadvantage. Who does not want, can also use the bank of the car dealership. Here, however, should be taken to ensure that you do not opt ​​for a balloon financing, although the low rates speak in the first moment. However, the last high rate can not usually be met by any trainee and a follow-up financing would be due.

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