Payday loan for pensioners


Flash and emergency payday loans from the internet are instant payday loans. The only difference is in the transfer. This transfer form guarantees the credit of the money within a booking day. A noticeable effect arises only for bank customers, in which the bank works particularly long with the customer money. Who is with his account with the savings bank, which has practically no advantages. The savings banks actually book incoming payments on the day the credit is received.

In comparison, the big German private banks work up to three days with the money. Advertisers are also offers that promise to apply for and be available within 24 hours. It is technically impossible to have a payday loan within 24 hours only over the internet.

Payday loan from the bank

Only with branch banks, the payday loan for pensioners can be applied for and paid within one day. The reason is not slow online providers, but a legal requirement. Every lending by a credit institution must be preceded by an identity check. The check can be carried out by the clerk in the credit conversation. Online banks, however, are not sitting opposite their credit customers. You therefore can not fulfill the legal requirement personally.

Online banks, without their own branch network, rely on the ID check of another approved body. It’s the ID check at the post office. After verification, the application must be sent by post. The postal service is the bottleneck of online credit. Up to three days can be lost by mail. Only after the inbox has the online provider again influence on the processing speed.

Payday loans without the bank

Payday loans without the bank

Private payday loans are sometimes offered in advertising as a payday loan for pensioners, retirees or trainees. These offers are also a promotional duck. The payday loan from private can only come from the circle of acquaintances. Until the disbursement of a personal payday loan, over the Internet, pass at least two weeks or more.

Real payday loans exist, outside the banking system, from the pawnshop. The pawnbroker pays the payday loan for pensioners and every other citizen within a few minutes.

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